MVC so light, it's as fast as vanilla PHP!

Qaton is a minimal lightweight super-fast MVC framework. Qaton aims to be a small and insignificant foundation for your apps, with a built-in version control friendly JSON ORM. Qaton adds a very light pure PHP overhead and can be easily extended. Flexible by design and armed with the absolute essentials such as automated routing, templating system and more...

Why Qaton?

Sometimes you don't need a large extensive PHP framework for certain types of apps and websites. Not only because it might be overkill, but also because it may create more complexity than you actually need thereby adding unnecessary development and performance overhead. In such situations, you need a basic MVC system to keep things organized in an easy to maintain framework. You want something that is flexible but works right off the bat with nearly zero-config, is lightning fast and easy to use. Qaton hopes to solve that problem. Qaton is a tiny open source PHP MVC framework that is very easy to learn. Qaton will get you up and running in no time. Qaton does not aim to be a replacement for other big PHP frameworks such as Laravel which are intended for big projects.

Qaton will not carry a large collection of tools and libraries like most frameworks do. Rather, it can be easily extended using resources such as Packagist and Composer instead. Qaton is also easy to use with any headless CMS system and it comes with it's own FileDatabase ORM which is a JSON powered plain-text database ORM suitable for small projects.

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